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BMW to make gas powered cars

The trend in the car making industry is pointing toward lower and lower CO2 emissions. The hi-revving, fast cars are slowly becoming extinct.

To remain one of the best car companies in the world, BMW can’t ignore the big trends, and so their plans will be tailored to suit the need of the masses.

BMW Logo
BMW Logo

So far, BMW has delivered a few technologies to further the cause of a greener future, while still maintaining its standards of quality. For the traditional gasoline or diesel engines, BMW came out with a 3 cylinder solution. The new engine has proven itself to be a very good replacement for most 4 cylinders.

On the electric front, we have BMW’s i3 small city car and the sporty i8, both being prime examples of high quality products designed for eco-friendly users.

And now it seems that BMW also wants to break into the natural gas powered market. But just as with the electric vehicles, the German manufacturer won’t be spearheading the advance on this front. Instead they will wait for another big company (like Volkswagen) to test the waters and should they consider it a safe investment, we should expect to see natural gas powered BMWs by 2020.


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