BMW i8 Spyshots

BMW i8 spied in civilized environment

BMW have really high hopes for the BMW i8, especially given the amount of testing they keep racking up with it on the various roads it’s spied on.

We all know it’s not an easy market to break but boy are they being cautious. This is by no means the first time we get to see spyshots of the i8.

BMW i8 Spyshots
BMW i8 Spyshots

What seems friendlier is that this time, the i8 is spotted in somewhat more sensible conditions. It’s on a road, it’s plain and simple and it is even clean.

The last recent shots we have of it were making identifying any details tricky. Not only was the camouflage a pain to see through but the snow and dirt were getting in the way.

Notice how in these images it appears to be gently running around nicely paved roads, in a truly civilized manner. The details of its existence are still pretty insignificant.

BMW i8 Spyshots
BMW i8 Spyshots

“Word on the street” is that the price tag on a i8, once it gets to the market in 2014, will be somewhere around the 200.000 USD mark.

Even to me, a dedicated fan, that seems like it could easily be rated as a bit steep. Even for those who are thrilled by mixing electric with petrol and efficiency, that might be hard to swallow.

Still, we can only hope BMW keep on doing their job as they have been doing so far and that this car sells. While BMW have the crown, not all their cars are selling.

BMW i8 Spyshots
BMW i8 Spyshots

The BMW Z4 for example, a fabulous car though it might be, it was recently named among the top 10 poorest selling cars available in the US.



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10 years ago

Don’t you worry, every BMW i8 will sell off quite nicely!

So which cars are not selling?

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