F20 BMW M135i xDrive

F20 BMW 1 Series comes to Paris with xDrive

The trip from Germany to France is usually quite fine on the motorway route. Munich to Paris is easily accessible.

Paris to St Moritz might be a little trickier. Particularly in a BMW with its sporty RWD that may raise your BPM on a twisty road with ice.

F20 BMW M135i xDrive
F20 BMW M135i xDrive

That’s where xDrive comes in. BMW’s brilliant all wheel drive system works great on the larger cars. Now though, it’s been introduced on the 1 Series as well.

The enhanced practicality, the improved usability and the option to drive this car all year round without any concerns about getting going in the morning.

A few details may be missing here and there as we’re not yet sure if all the powerplants available in the F20 1 Series will get the xDrive option.

F20 BMW M135i xDrive
F20 BMW M135i xDrive

What is for certain is that the M135i, the hottest version of the 1 Series will be getting it since the Paris Show stand had this car in particular on display.

Volkswagen’s Golf R32 was always a cheaper car but, thanks to its four wheel drive, always seemed like a more sensible way of getting the power down.

Now that the F20 1 Series has the M135i xDrive option in the lineup that appeal has simply disappeared. The VW car also comes with less power.

F20 BMW M135i xDrive
F20 BMW M135i xDrive

The inline six cylinder turbocharged powerplant in this car develops 320 horsepower and 332 lb-ft in the silkiest way possible.

Power is available from just over tick-over up to near the redline, making for yet another brilliant driver’s car.


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