BMW Infrared heating

BMW EVs to get infrared heating technology

Look around the Internet or the local newspaper stand. Can you find anything there that’s related to EVs without talking about their flaws.

Manufacturers are slowly working out the kinks yet our restless nature keeps telling us it’s not enough. Most of the progress seems minimal.

BMW Infrared heating
BMW Infrared heating

The Bavarians seem to be pushing the limits of this sluggish movement and the latest announcement they have from their heating department.

I know it sounds like we’re about to talk about something as exciting as plumbing but trust me, this is likely to make a difference.

BMW is now talking about infrared heating technology. It may sound like a bit of a disaster movie but it’s actually a brilliant solution.

Heating chart
Heating chart

Infrared heating works in a much more efficient way, doesn’t require auxiliaries and will ultimately be capable of saving up to 30% charge consumption.

Those who love the silence and overall muted feel of EVs will definitely enjoy the way the infrared panels could provide heat to the interior without fans, air vents or anything of the likes.

BMW’s current idea is to have these infrared panels located in the door panels and the foot wells. This proximity also helps reduce energy wasting.

BMW i3 & i8
BMW i3 & i8

The real problem with the infrared heaters is that they’re pretty much a pipe dream. BMW is cutting back on development of EVs for the market (though research is going on).

Beyond that no genuine business plan was scraped together for this stuff, which makes us think it’s even further away.


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11 years ago

BMW is much popular. In a short time BMW is become a dream car of most of the persons. I also have 2 used BMW cars which i bought from

This is a great news for persons like me who are fans of BMW that It works on infrared heating technology…

Matthew Plott
Matthew Plott
11 years ago

This might not be the ideal place to request this, but I’m trying to find an infrared heater and have no method to find out where to find the very best. I uncovered this company which is really close to me and wanted to see if any person has any reviews on them.
Please help me with this as my wife and I have been struggling to find a good/reliable heater to be used at home and outdoors.

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