F20 BMW 1 Series

BMW to bring xDrive 1 Series to Paris

BMW’s Paris Motor Show stand for this year will be full of stuff. The 1 Series GT will be there and so will the new 1.5 liter engine.

All interesting stuff, but, in true telemarketing sales fashion, wait… there’s more. The same Bavarian stand will feature this.

F20 BMW 1 Series
F20 BMW 1 Series

It looks like an F20 BMW 1 Series and it is but there’s something substantially different about what’s underneath it.

That showcased model will be the first ever 1 Series to feature the xDrive all wheel drive system. Apparently, luxury car buyers can’t do without it.

In truth, there is quite a bit of demand for some of these pumped up drivetrains but that won’t revolutionize the way the 1 Series sells.

F20 BMW 1 Series
F20 BMW 1 Series

The F20 BMW 1 Series xDrive will remain a niche product and there’s no getting away from the “price” you have to pay for the advantage of having all wheels driven.

Obviously, the xDrive option will cost more to purchase to begin with. Moving up the list, it will cost more to run since fuel economy will be worse in these conditions.

Even with the efficient dynamics ideology behind it, BMW’s new xDrive 1 Series will lose some of its fuel economy charm.

F20 BMW 1 Series
F20 BMW 1 Series

More importantly for the sales of this car, the xDrive system can only be fitted to the 3 and 5 door hatchback models.

That means that, for the time being, xDrive is only available on the Euro-spec F20 BMW 1 Series and not the coupe and convertible E80 series version that’s available in the US.

More details on the engines, performance and efficiency are to come once the Paris Show actually starts.


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