BMW 3 Series GT Spyshot

BMW 3 Series GT spyshots come with less camo

It still seems like the BMW 3 Series has only scratched the surface of what is possible to do with the F30 chassis and design.

There’s just so many derivatives coming and so much promise seems to reside in what the Bavarians are cooking up right now.

BMW 3 Series GT Spyshot
BMW 3 Series GT Spyshot

One of the closest to production of these models is the 3 Series GT and it’s just been spied with a lot less camouflage than usual.

Unlike the last time we saw it, the BMW 3 Series GT didn’t have its own light fixtures, it’s got a proper radiator grille and has more of its lines exposed.

Essentially, the underpinnings are expected to be familiar. Though there’s probably going to be less engine choices than the regular 3 Series, things shouldn’t be too surprising.

BMW 3 Series GT Spyshot
BMW 3 Series GT Spyshot

The 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engines in the 328i and 320d will be some of the more popular choices in terms of powerplants.

That’s not to say that at least one of the lovely 3.0 liter straight six units will be denied a chance at thrilling the whole family.

Rather unsurprisingly, the BMW 3 Series GT’s main selling point will be the practicality. That means there’s a lot of extra space at the back and an enlarged interior.

BMW 3 Series GT Spyshot
BMW 3 Series GT Spyshot

Everything should clear up in about a month. By then, the Paris Motor Show will have thrilled us with plenty of interesting and exciting cars but that’s where the 3 Series GT is expected to debut.

Until then, it’s quite unlikely that we get to see anymore about the 3 Series GT.


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