BMW Thermaltake Level 10 Mouse

BMW DesignworksUSA introduces new gaming mouse

And here comes another of those unusual releases from BMW. This time it’s not even a car we’re dealing with, it’s a gaming mouse.

In all fairness it was designed by BMW Designworks USA rather than the Bavarian folks and it is a joint product with Thermaltake.

BMW Thermaltake Level 10 Mouse
BMW Thermaltake Level 10 Mouse

The latter is a pretty big name in computer hardware design and the new mouse actually has some appeal alongside the new branding.

It’s called the Level 10 M gaming mouse and it’s available in four colors titled Diamond Black, Iron White, Military Green and Blazing Red.

Alongside the new colors, the design of the Level 10 M gaming mouse is created in order to mimic a miniature race car.

BMW Thermaltake Level 10 Mouse
BMW Thermaltake Level 10 Mouse

That’s the end of the design discussion, when it comes to actually breaking things down there’s quite the substantial product underneath.

There’s a solid aluminum base and a so-called “Air-Through Ventilation System”. This keeps the gamer’s palm from overheating and sweating.

In fairness, most professional or seriously hardcore gamers will not find much use for this since most don’t cover their mouse with the whole palm.

Most gamers that don’t go the extra distance so they might appreciate this feature though. What everybody will appreciate the high end sensor.

It is adjustable between 800, 1600, 3200 and 5000 DPI on its default settings. Once you use the software it comes with you can take it up to the maximum 8200 DPI the sensor is capable of.

According to BMW and Thermaltake the mouse has already hit retail stores in Europe, Asia and USA with a price of around 99 USD.


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