BMW M1 Shark Concept Sketched with Extreme Futuristic Design

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We live in a world where human imagination exceeds all boundaries and where, with the help of technology, our mind can create or recreate extraordinary machines that could make our lives better and better in the future.

Such an extraordinary machine, especially in the auto industry, is the BMW M1 Shark Concept, envisioned by render artist Alex Imnadze, and is presented in the first drawings below.

We are looking here practically at one of the most futuristic BMW model ever envisioned so far…at least, in my humble imagination.

It is extremely aggressive, comes with an imaginably wide body kit, futuristic design and advanced aerodynamics.

Surely, the artist had to take its inspiration from other outstanding BMW concepts as well, including the BMW M1 Concept, the Gina Concept as well as the 1970 Stratos Zero prototype from Bertone. Also, at a closer look, you could also depict some styling at the front with inspiration from the Vision Next 100 Concept as well.

And we could still be dreaming about the future, where this model would perfectly fit with its ultra-futuristic approach. Just by admiring it, we could imagine it flying into the sky or automatically parking without a driver behind the steering wheel.

But who knows, sketches like these could actually inspire BMW in creating such an extraordinary machine in the upcoming future, especially since the German carmaker has the know-how, the latest technology at its disposal and the most skilled engineers. And I`m 100 percent positive that we will hear more about this exquisite BMW M1 Shark Concept. Until then, keep on dreaming and admiring the extraordinary media gallery below!


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