E60 BMW M5

Video: Remember the V10 BMW M5

There are few cars in the world we love as much as the F10 BMW M5. It’s so damn good it’s almost annoying to talk about.

You can’t even down talk its heritage because apart from the trailblazing models of yesteryear, there’s the recently defunct E60 BMW M5.

E60 BMW M5
E60 BMW M5

That 5.0 liter naturally aspirated V10 monster of an engine that sits under its bonnet is basically just an oversized Formula 1 engine and boy can it produce some results.

Just take a look, or rather listen, at the video below. The car portrayed in this video uses the standard engine in the E60 BMW M5 but its sound is properly unleashed by a Meisterschaft exhaust system.

You can be anybody, nobody, or everybody and you can drive whatever you want, however you want, there’s just no way you can dismiss it.

If you didn’t see the four door sedan body you’d seriously think some nutter took an F1 car for a joyride on public roads.

Judging by the interior footage, people inside must also be wondering why on earth would a single seater sports car needs four doors.

The performance may be less than the F10 version of the M5 but last we heard, there was no talk of active sound systems being used in the E60.

E60 BMW M5
E60 BMW M5

Did we mention a second hand V10 powered BMW M5 is now worth about as much as a diesel 5 Series of the F10 cred?

The only question is, will you be missing the extra toys and some safety equipment. You can probably squeeze the right pedal a few times to make up for it.


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