2013 F10 BMW M5

F10 BMW M5 configurator now available

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Americans love buying their cars off the lot. Go in, pay up, get a new car, drive away, that’s pretty much their idea of buying a car.

BMW is trying to change that and encourages ordering cars. As part of this idea, the Bavarian’s US division has just introduced an online configurator for one of the most desirable models in their lineup.

2013 F10 BMW M5
2013 F10 BMW M5

That’ll be the F10 BMW M5 or, as it’s known over the Atlantic, the 2013 BMW M5.

The configurator features nothing special compared to the “regular” 5 Series in its construction, the content however is considerably different.

Apart from the M5 being the only car you can spec up, the list to do so is quite the considerable one. Jacking up the price well beyond the 89.900 USD is very easily jacked up.

2013 F10 BMW M5

Before you even get to adding some goodies there’s the 890 destination charge and a yet to be determined gas guzzler tax which should fall somewhere between 1000 and 2000 USD.

Once you get down to the business of actually selecting colors, toys, performance and safety equipment, you might find yourself (like me) staring down the barrel of a $121.295 shot.

There’s simply no option in the package that one wouldn’t find tempting but the one I really earn for the most is actually a no cost one.

2013 F10 BMW M5
2013 F10 BMW M5

I’m talking about something that’s not available in Europe (or anywhere else outside the US for that matter), the six speed manual transmission.

See for yourselves by clicking here.

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