Vilner Tuning BMW F800R Predator

Vilner Tuning customize BMW F800R

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Bulgarian tuner Vilner are starting to get the hang of messing around with BMW products. They may be one of the newest tuners around, but that doesn’t seem to phase them.

The latest project they got involved with is one of the less familiar BMW products, the F800R motorcycle. The name of the new kit is quite familiar though.

Vilner Tuning BMW F800R  Predator
Vilner Tuning BMW F800R Predator

It’s called the Predator which seems justified since it gets a makeover about as aggressive as the alien warrior that used to hunt down Arnie.

Other than making the BMW F800R more of a mean looking bike, they’ve also made it less practical, for the full bad boy effect.

Vilner have shortened the bike by 25 cm (roughly 10 inches) and turned into a single seater one. The seat was swapped out for a wider one.

Even though the number of passengers handled by the Vilner BMW F800R has gone down, it should actually be more comfortable.

That’s something that makes sense since Vilner designed the F800R Predator for a Russian business man who happens to be living in their home country.

He’s the one who wanted the new carbon fiber and chrome plated look and he’s the one who specified the newly designed front end.

Vilner Tuning BMW F800R Predator
Vilner Tuning BMW F800R Predator

Taste and practicality aside, it’s almost heart warming to see young car tuners tackle new projects that really stretches their imagination.

The only thing missing from the Predator BMW F800R is an updated engine output, that still stands at the factory spec 87 horsepower.


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Ali Hussein
Ali Hussein
12 years ago

Sometimes i wish i was born in a rich family or my father is Bil Gate so that i can have all the new BMW model cars and bikes but i belive one day in the Almighty God i will have even if i dont have any cash.BIG UP GUYS AND KNOW THAT UR WORK IS GOOD.

12 years ago

Where can I buy these parts.

Frank Nellessen
Frank Nellessen
11 years ago

Hallo Vilner Team,
ich habe selber eine F800R aber die Predator von euch ist der Hammer!!! Kann man bei euch den Endschalldämpfer bestellen?
Und wie viel kostet er.
Über eine Antwort würde ich mich sehr freuen.

Frank Nellessen

9 years ago

So they call themselves tuners but the engine and suspension are stock standard? Seems to me they are stylists…

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