2014 F30 BMW M3 Sedan

2014 F30 BMW M3 Sedan spied again

As more and more spies manage to snap shots of the 2014 F30 BMW M3 Sedan, its story starts unraveling and still the Bavarians aren’t ready to confirm anything.

While BMW are keeping their cards close to their chest, the rumor makers are working overtime and creating all sorts of more or less feasible stories.

2014 F30 BMW M3 Sedan
2014 F30 BMW M3 Sedan

In an attempt not to give them too much of our belief, let’s just focus on what the F30 BMW M3 Sedan will most likely feature.

The look isn’t expected to be any revolution in terms of comparison to the normal F30 sedan and the interior will likely not see that much of a difference either.

Where things are going to change is under the bonnet, in the chassis and suspension setup and, apparently, in the construction process.

2014 F30 BMW M3 Sedan
2014 F30 BMW M3 Sedan

The engine is expected to be a 3.3 liter V6 with two or three turbochargers and a predicted output of around 450 horsepower. Essentially it will be the 4.4 liter V8 of the bigger brothers with two missing cylinders and some internal changes that make it work properly.

This setup was chosen to cut some of the costs of developing an entirely new engine while still focusing on performance and efficiency.

Also aiming to help these two fronts, we’re told that the 2014 F30 BMW M3 Sedan will use more carbon fiber in its construction. That would be interesting and it’s something that was reserved for the coupe.

2014 F30 BMW M3 Sedan
2014 F30 BMW M3 Sedan

Some voices are even saying that the F30 BMW M3 Sedan could receive carbon brake disks as standard but that sounds like a rather expensive choice.


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