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BMW to share a new hybrid powertrain with Mini

Mainly trying to reduce the production costs or for any other reason, the Germans from BMW will create a new hybrid powertrain that will be shared with the British sub-brand Mini. According to the first details, the new hybrid powertrain will use of course the electric engine and the 1.6-liter petrol unit able to develop 122 horsepower, a unit that is currently under the bonnet of Mini Cooper.



However, as we currently talk just based on few assumptions, the incoming three-cylinder engine which is under development now might be the right one for the new hybrid system.

The new hybrid system which will be built together with the specialists from Getrag should equip one of the BMW models in range but also the a model within the British manufacturer range, most probably Mini Countryman. A previously signed agreement with Getrag will ensure the transmission system that is needed for the new hybrid powertrain.


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