Dr. Klaus Draeger admits that a new two-cylinder engine might be developed soon

In an interview for the Germans at Auto, Motor und Sport (AMS), the BMW’s development chief, Dr. Klaus Draeger stated that a two-cylinder engine might be developed soon. The reason is that a two-cylinder engine will fit way better the compact models of the brand compared to a hybrid system. The reasoning is very simple, for a compact model a two-cylinder engine will offer better performance and figures than a hybrid powertrain.

Dr. Klaus Draeger
Dr. Klaus Draeger

Draeger said that the 1 Series and 3 Series model might benefit from the new two-cylinder engine with 500 cubic centimeters per cylinder. He also added that the new engines will be able to develop somewhere between 80 and 100 horsepower, an amount of power found very good by the German official.

The two-cylinder engine that might enter the production will come with another valuable feature beside the improved fuel cosumption, more exactly, with a low CO2 emissions level, an important element for all the manufacturers nowadays.


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