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BMW Korea: Free Checkup Campaign

As we’ve mentioned before, BMW has always tried hard to take care of it’s customers so that they would not have any worries regarding the mechanical aspect of the cars they have bought. But what will happen with the cars after they will not be eligible to the BMW Ultimate Service? Let’s take a look at Korea for example to a possible solution.

BMW Service
BMW Service

If you happen both to live in Korea and to own a BMW 6 Series, 7 Series or 8 Series (with the note that the car must have been registered before the first of September of the year 2005)then be glad because BMW Korea is throwing together a campaign for free checkups.

So presuming one would be eligible for the checkups then he or she would not only benefit from the free services, but would also receive a 20 percent rebate on whatever components might be needed for the repairs (though if you happen to crash it and come for repairs, that won’t happen). Apart from the above, additional coupons will be given for a large catalogue of components such as brake pads or discs.

The campaign will end on September 3.


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