BMW Ultimate Service

BMW Ultimate Service is Here to Stay

If you had worries regarding the termination of the BMW Ultimate Service in the US, the four years or 50,000 miles warranty, then rest assured because BMW will not do such a thing. In fact, North America BMW CEO Jim O’Donnel said that the program has even helped the company in building a successful business for Pre-Owned vehicles in the US because of the BMWs that came to the dealers in pristine condition.

BMW Ultimate Service
BMW Ultimate Service

With a philosophy that customers should only worry about insurance, fuel and tire costs, BMW first introduced the maintenance (scheduled) for the 1993 models 750iL Sedan and 850Ci Coupe and after some time, expanded it to Full Maintenance in order to include the 1997 models and at the same time ensured a Scheduled Maintenance plan for all other models featuring a three year period or 36,000 miles.

With the start of the new millennium, that plan became a Full Maintenance that covered items that could wear and further expanded it starting with the 2003 model year to the present 4 years or 50,000 miles so that it could be the same as the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period. The BMW Ultimate Service now takes care of all repairs during the period at no additional cost.


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Neil Eibeler
Neil Eibeler
11 years ago

My service experience with BMW is very dissapointing and far from any description of ULTIMATE SERVICE. My x6 has been in service for over 45days and I have received some of the worst service anyone could imagine.

I have attemped to contact Jim Odonnel and the customer service and switchboard REFUSE to put me through to his office or assistant.

I am a pre

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