BMW Group revealed results on Mini E tests

People at BMW revealed some time ago the results of some test regarding the Mini E electric model. You may ask me what I’m talking about over here. Well, BMW decided to give a number of more than 500 Mini E units to different people across U.S., Germany and England, and to collect the opinions and complaints.

Mini E
Mini E

The electric model received very positive feedback from the people that were given, Mini E met the most of the requirements of usual people. In figures, 66% of people that participated at this test said that the electric model offered the same features as a conventional one, using an internal combustion engine while 90% of the people said that Mini E managed to have an enough big autonomy for their daily needs.

This test was designed for the urban trafic in the big cities of the world. Mini E received such a positive feedback because the electric model offers an autonomy of 180 kilometers, and, for example, in Germany, the medium lenght of a journey is 14 kilometers.


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