BMW Winter Tires

BMW Winter Tire Package

The winter season can be a royal pain, especially if the snow keeps falling and piling up, making it hard to get to and from work and generally everywhere without a bit of help. After all, you need to be prepared if you don’t want to get stuck somewhere with your car right? The obvious solution would be to use winter tires for your BMW, but this winter chances are that you will use something different. Okay, we’re still talking about winter tires, but this time from BMW.

BMW Winter Tires
BMW Winter Tires

Made specifically by BMW engineers to be used in the harsh winter season in the presence of ice and snow, the tires feature a special mix of rubber so that the tire will be efficient in low temperatures.

According to BMW, the winter tires will have a double benefit (apart from being from our favourite manufacturer): leaving aside the obvious good performance in the snowy environment, presuming there is no snow, the tires would still last longer because of the reduced wear and if it happens to rain, it they will enhance the grip of the car.

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