2011 BMW X1

BMW X1 to be built in China

I don’t think this is so important when you choose a car namely where it is built. It’s true, there are some people looking to the country where the product is built but there are still human hands and not alien hands or at last this is what I think.

At the Geneva Auto Show, the BMW chairman and the BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer made an announce saying that this is going to be the third car that is going to be built in China by BMW. This BMW X1 is going to have as rivals the Audi Q5 and Volkswagen Tiguan.

I’m kind of worried about this even that I know it won’t happen namely that Hummer also tried to move from U.S. to China but it couldn’t do that so now the brand is dead. I know that BMW is not trying to move, it is trying to develop a plant right there but I thought you need to know this.


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13 years ago

Of course people want to know where a car is built. I am buying a BMW and I definitely want it to be made in Germany and not china. I think it makes a huge difference. Look at Toyota, they moved their plant to Alabama or whatever and ever since then they’ve had massive recalls. People have died and there are multiple lawsuits going on because the Prius can’t brake fast enough. I think where you base your plant, the country or even the state it’s in, can cause huge differences in the cars that are made there.

13 years ago

@Me Don’t worry, the BMW X1 will be built in China, that’s right, but all the models built in China will be JUST for the Chinese market, because there is a very big call for this model. Check the “BMW 1, 3 and 5 Series to be built also in China” post, written by me, for more details.


[…] probably heard about the news saying that BMW X1 will be built in China, if not, check it here. Alot of people are concerned about this news, it’s normal to preffer anything built, to be, […]

BMW beater
BMW beater
13 years ago

Congratulations Zarqer & Uncle sam 🙂

13 years ago

I am in the market for a good quality German car. I was looking at the BMW 320d and when I read that it was made in South Africa, I kindly said ‘nein danke’ (no thank you). I am curious as to where the new BMW X1 is being built. If it’s China or South Africa then ‘forget it’ (dass ist schrott). I’m aware Mercedes Benz built its C series in South Africa for a number of years and had so many faults and problems that they returned everything to the robots in Stuttgard. The new Avantgarde series is totally made in Germany and faults have been dramatically reduced. It’s a nice car to drive, but still about $10k more than BMW for the same specs. BMW has really lowered its image and is now on par with VW. My hunch is that Audi has overtaken BMW in the prestige line-up.

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