Photo and details about the BMW X6 M tuned by Nowack Motors

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Here we got another tuning kit for the famous BMW X6 M which as you should know, it is the most powerful version of BMW X6 but this tuning kit, is very cool because it is boosting the power of BMW X6 M and there is not a small difference, there is a very significant difference.

You should know that this tuning kit is not just for the BMW X6 M, it is also applied to the BMW X5 M but there is no photo with this one. So at these cars, the Nowack Motors added modified turbochargers, high performance exhaust manifolds, motorsport catalyst converters and they have also reprogrammed the ECU module.

So after this these new specifications, the BMW X6 M by Nowack Motors is able to develop an amazing power of 715 horsepower and a maximum torque of 623 lb-ft which would make this tuned car, the perfect powerful SUV.


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