Photos and desgin updates about BMW M3 E92 tuned by Avus

Hah, this Is really funny. I’m talking about this type of tuning packages, and I’m not saying that they are not good ideas or that they are bad tunings, it’s just funny to see a sporty car tuned with a sport tuning package. I mean is like making a sporty car much sportier.

One of our readers really loves BMW M3 CSL E46 so I think he may also love a bit less this BMW M3 E92 tuned by Avus or at last I do love this tuned car because I’m sure it will look much better now but I don’t know anything about the performances probably because there is no tuning at the engine of this car.

This BMW M3 E92 tuned by Avus will come with optimized suspension and exhaust, new front lip spoiler, rear deck lid spoiler and rear diffuser made from carbon fiber. Probably there are also some carbon fiber elements at the interior but we have no details or images about this.


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