2011 BMW X5 Facelift as an actor

When I was a child, I was loving to look at movies with my father and to ask him about the cars from that movie and I was way too happy when I started to recognize the auto makers from the movies and I have to say that a bit from that “tradition” is still alive in me.

So if you are a fan of BMW and you also had the same “tradition” I bet that you will love to hear that a BMW X5 is going to be an “actor” in the Ghost Writer movie.

Much more exactly, the car that will be playing in this movie built by BMW will be the new 2011 BMW X5 Facelift and you can see that by looking at the movie trailer which is also attached at this post. In the trailer there are few seconds when you can see the 2011 BMW X5 Facelift but I bet that in the movie will be more time spent watching the 2011 BMW X5 Facelift.


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