2009 BMW G450X

2009 BMW G450X

Believe it or not, the 2009 BMW G450X is not only an offroad bike, but you can also use it on the streets.

The people from BMW have built this bike especially for the European streets. This models has easily passed the European standards for street use. The 450 cc engine will offer 51 horse power, which is great for a light weight motorcycle. The whole design of the 2009 BMW G450X was though around functionally and maintaining it can be really easy. The motorcycle looks great and the main advantage is the fact that any biker can use it in the city and on off road too.

The 2009 BMW G450X was already released and it has a great success on the motorcycle market.

2009 BMW G450X2009 BMW G450X2009 BMW G450X


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