BMW Hydrogen 7 – Climate Change Conference

BMW Hydrogen 7

At the 2008 Climate Change conference, the BMW Hydrogen 7 was the main attraction, being the official vehicle for the gathering.

21 units of this car were used for this presentation and their CO2 emissions are practically nonexistent. Another important car was the new Mini E which is currently used by 500 people from all over Europe. These tests will show exactly how cars like the BMW Hydrogen 7 and Mini E can perform in everyday situations. The BMW Hydrogen 7 is currently developing 260 horse power and 100 units have managed to travel around two million miles in only two years. The car can be fueled with hydrogen or gasoline.

Besides being environmentally friendly and fuel efficient, the BMW Hydrogen 7 is also a great piece of engineering. I think that the design is almost as great as its performance.

BMW Hydrogen 7


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