BMW 330i vs Mercedes-Benz C300 in a Special Consumer Reports` Test Drive

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Consumer Reports is very rigorous when it comes to testing out different models from top carmakers like BMW or Mercedes-Benz. And it also followed the same line when it had to put face-to-face two exquisite models – the BMW 330i vs the Mercedes-Benz C300.

Both models from the 3-Series and the C-Class, respectively, are the ambassadors of refinement when it comes to amazing design and the finest gadgetries inside. Not to mention the powertrains under the hood. But let`s see what decision Consumer Reports made after testing out both models at the same time.

The first one to be taken for a spin was the BMW 330i, which managed a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in a good 6.9 seconds, while the Mercedes-Benz C300 ran the same straight line in 6.8 seconds. The slight difference was seen in the more tardive response the 330i had in tight corners particularly.

This was also possible since the Mercedes-Benz C300 comes with a more comfortable ride and improved mechanics, and the lack of adaptive dampers in the 330i.

Besides the performance figures, both models were also carefully examined inside the cabin. Both models come with high-end materials and leather on the seats, navigation systems and a wide range of safety features. However, the 330i`s controls inside are far worse and less intuitive than the ones found on the Mercedes-Benz C300; at least this is what Consumer Report thinks. However, the overall feel of the 330i`s cabin is more business-oriented, while the one on the C300 offers more practicality and response in different driving conditions.

To conclude with Consumer Reports test drive, this is what journalists have said in the end: “I`d date the 3 Series, but I`d marry the C-Class.” Of course, you`re entitled to a completely different opinion!


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