Future BMW EVs Are On the Way, Will Tackle Heavy Competition from Tesla

Even if BMW dominates the auto industry, there is one major carmaker that poses serious threat on one particular segment; and that would be the EV market, which is marked by no other than Tesla, with all its high-performance electric vehicles.

In order to keep paces with the North American carmaker, the German engineers from BMW are currently working on entire EV fleet that would tackle each model from Tesla.

In this sense, there are recent reports stating that the BMW`s EV models will come with zero-emissions and impressive range mile.

For instance, BMW is planning an electric version from 3 Series as the main competitor for the Model 3 and Model S, with its arrival slotted by 2021, the model coming with a lot of technology, a range of up to 507 km and two power configurations: 315 horsepower for the RWD version and 402 horsepower for the AWD version.

The Models S from Tesla is so successful that BMW is reportedly planning a special EV model. This might come in the shape of a five-door coupe, sitting between the 5- and the 7-Series, with three electric motors and higher-voltage battery pack that would deliver a total range of 604 km.

Also, the Model X will get its fair share of competition from a future X3 eDrive, planned for 2018 and coming with 302 horsepower and a 70 kW battery pack, reportedly built in China. The electric version will also be the direct competitor of the new Audi E-Tron.

BMW plans continue with new plug-in hybrids as well, meaning a facelifted version of the present i3, arriving next year, as well as a new-gen of the famous i8, planned by 2022, which would be a full electric car, with around 670 horsepower, squeezed from three electric motors.


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