Spy Video: 2018 F90 BMW M5 Undergoes New Tests at the Ring

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The famous Nurburgring track has been a busy place all summer, with a lot of BMW test mules playing hard to get before their official unveiling at the 2016 Paris Motor Show starting 29th of October, or next year.

And two models within the carmaker`s lineup have made the headlines of every major auto magazines worldwide: the all-new BMW 5-Series Sedan and the top of the tine F90 M5.

The latter one has been caught on a fresh spy video while the test mule was undergoing new tests at the Ring, and by the way it sounds, it will be a mighty M5 indeed.

As we can depict from the spy video, the driver of this 2018 F90 BMW M5 is pushing the paddle to the metal in some rough tests which test-out the car`s handling, maneuverability and stability as well. And its aerodynamics is indeed fit to sustain all the power ratio.

The F90 BMW M5 will stand on the company`s newest CLAR platform, the same one underpinning the 5-Series Sedan, 5-Series Touring or the all-new 2016 7-Series, meaning that it will make use of extensive carbon fiber to shed off around 100 kg and make it more lightweight.

In the engine department, the new F90 M5 is reported to come with an upgraded 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, with impressive 600 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque, which is an important increase as opposed to the current 680 Nm of torque.

The BMW 5-Series Sedan won`t be seen in Paris or Los Angeles this year, and neither the F90 M5, both models being reported to show up at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, next March. Until fresh news emerge, enjoy the spy video with the upcoming 2018 F90 BMW M5!


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