Watch BMW M4 GTS Reach 255 Km/h in a Blink of Eye

Ever since its unveiling on the market a couple of months ago, the all-new and hardcore BMW M4 GTS hes been put through endless tests, which tried out its extreme capabilities on the tracks or on the roads.

Altogether, specialists and journalists around the world have put this lad to harsh tests, eventually recognizing its sheer power and impressive performance in straight lines.

The latest video test comes from Motor Sport, the journalists wanted to demonstrate the car`s top speed and performance figures. We usually see a car accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h, or from 0 to 200 km/h, with performance figures analyses afterwards.

This time, Motor Sport had a different approach. To test out the car`s impressive performance and power, the journalists provided an acceleration from 0 to 255 km/h, the car running the whole line in less than 23 seconds.

This means that the car could easily reach 300 km/h in around 32 seconds. But for that part, Motor Sport would have to do another round. Anyway, the idea was to test out the M4 GTS at different speeds in different conditions. And if you know the car`s handling and controlling the rear axle, then you could be looking here at an extremely high-performance model.

We are not going to spoil all the fun and let you enjoy the video put together by Motor Sport. In case you want to comment on the car`s fast sprint, please do it in the comment section, we would be glad to hear your opinions!


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