How to Clean/Detail Your BMW Engine Bay

Cleaning the car’s engine bay can be a confusing and unnerving experience for many. Different components like air intakes, computers, electrical connections, etc. can make it confusing like trying your luck in but you never know if you are going to win or not. However, if you own a BMW car, then you won’t face much difficulties in cleaning its engine bay. This is due to the fact that BMW cars have evolved considerably over time especially in the areas of electronics and fuel injection. The current article provides insights on how to clean/detail your BMW engine bay to get the best performance from your car.

Start with Hosing

A good starting point for cleaning your BWM’s engine bay is to start with hosing it. This pre-rinsing helps to loosen any dirt or contaminants which would have developed on the engine bay. Once the dirt is cleaned, it makes it easier for the engine greaser to get spread easily. Hosing the engine bay before cleaning it also ensures that soap marks dry out faster. An important consideration before hosing your car’s engine bay is to ensure that you do it when the engine has cooled down as hosing water on heated car parts is not a good idea. You should pop the car’s hood and let the engine cool for nearly one hour before doing the pre-rinse.

Protect the Car’s Battery

Before you start with cleaning your BMW engine bay, you should take precautions to . Disconnecting the negative battery terminal or covering the battery securely is a good idea. Water is a good conductor of electricity which can create problems for you if you don’t disconnect the battery terminal by creating temporary circuits. If you are using a power washer, then you should use it at low pressure as it will help to clean the dirt better. Cleaning on high pressure can cause water to enter into components which can cause them to malfunction.

Apply Engine Degreaser

You should always to clean your BMW’s engine bay instead of regular soap or detergents. These degreasers are specially formulated to clean the oil and grime in the engine bay which a regular soap or detergent can’t do. Apply the degreaser generously especially on parts which are more stained in oil and grime. You can allow the degreaser to sit for few minutes to get the best cleaning results. Once this is done, you should start rinsing the engine bay with low pressure to see if you get the desired cleaning results. If the engine bay it too dirty or has not been cleaned for more than 300,000 miles, then you may need to apply another coating of degreaser.

Finishing Touches

You should use a good quality plastic cleaner to remove any fine scratches. This will also restore the shine to the engine bay plastics. You should take care to clean the engine bay plastics using a clean and dry microfiber cloth to prevent any scratches or abrasions. You are now ready to enjoy a clean and glossy engine bay of your BMW.


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