Phot Gallery: Exotic Lava Yellow i8 Shows-Off at BMW Abu Dhabi

BMW Abu Dhabi is ending up in our news again, this time the German carmaker`s most important showroom housing another exotic BMW i8, all wrapped in the exotic and rare Lava Yellow.

It is a rare body color which shapes the plug-in hybrid`s every single design line, and along with the new aero parts and black accents, becomes one of the most appreciated model for a show-off.

Apart the gorgeous Individual color, this BMW i8 has been also garnished with carbon fiber aero parts, including front and side sill bits and a massive and standout carbon fiber rear wing.

In case you like the i8`s exterior color, you should know that BMW is also offering a wide color palette, for which you will have to pay a good £5,495 in the United Kingdom.

The palette includes other exotic colors like Speed Yellow, Solar Orange, Java Green, Frozen Grey, Frozen Black, Twilight Purple Pearl, Sam Marino Blue or the Grigio Telesto Pearl.

Under the hood, this Lava Yellow BMW i8 packs the same plug-in hybrid powertrain, consisting of an I3 1.5-liter engine with 231 horsepower, adding an electric motor with 131 horsepower, the latter sending the power to the front axle. The i8 comes with a range of 22 miles, at a topping of 120 km/h.

BMW Abu Dhabi has also released an impressive photo gallery with their latest guest, the gorgeous Lava Yellow BMW i8.


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