1999 BMW E36 M3 by Dinan Is Looking for a New Owner

The California-based tuner Dinan has been customizing BMW models for decades, which clearly indicates that it is a master when dealing with fancy customers that want extreme and challenging tuning projects, especially if it involves old and iconic models.

This gorgeous 1999 E36 BMW M3 customized by Dinan is looking for a new owner, and what is most impressing about it is that it is in a pristine condition, one not recognizing the plethora of customizations that is coming with.

The Dinan E36 M3 is available for sale at $26,900 and has just 47,000 miles on board. The list of upgrades however, should raise the car`s price, but unfortunately, this is not a wanted model, which automatically makes it hard to sell.

The modifications start from outside, the E36 M3 coming with a gorgeous Black Schwartz Metallic paint job, Michelin Plot Sport rubbers and Black Vader seats on the inside.

Mechanically, the 1999 E36 BMW M3 packs the Dinan / Vortec supercharger, along with Dinan stage 3 engine software, Dinan cold-air intake, exhaust strut tower braces and a few more with that. We are not sure about the output, but it should be just ok to take it for a short drive outside town.

So, in case you are an M3 lover and dig the old and genuine model, then you should go for it; after all, the price is a bargain if you consider the pristine condition and the mods added by no other than Dinan tuner!


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6 years ago

Hi, Eduard
Thanks for sharing this amazing post and that BMW model looks classic. I’m a big fan of BMW motor car company.

Bishop chakraborty
Bishop chakraborty
6 years ago

Nice article .BMW I love to ride it. 1999 version is very stylist.BMW is the most liked car in the world.

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