Exclusive: 2017 BMW X7 Rendered

This article brings you the latest rendering with the upcoming 2017 BMW X7, the ultimate BMW SUV which will be a rampage amongst the world`s leading SUVs.

It is huge, it is massive, it is the most technologically advanced BMW SUV that would kick-ass the Mercedes (GL), Infiniti (QX80) or Cadillac (Escalade). And this latest rendering is bringing forward the X7 SUV based on the G11 BMW 7 Series.

In case you didn’t know, BMW has been working on the X7 for about two years and tries hard to cope with the latest SUVs from the market, which are massive, extremely luxurious and demanding in terms of performance figures. Let`s count the latest SUVs from Mercedes, Infiniti, Cadillac and the outmost luxurious SUV from Bentley, the Bentayga. So BMW has to come up with the ultimate fighting machine, and we have reason to believe that the expectations would be far beyond our rational reasons.


So here we are, two years from now, when BMW will present the new X7 SUV, precisely at the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018. Rumored to be codenamed the G07, the 2017 BMW X7 will be the most luxurious and most expensive model that BMW has ever had, with the base price being settled at around $140.000. Sure, the SUV`s real value would be eventually priced from $90.000 and up to $140.000 when you opt for all option.

Another important fact is that the 2017 BMW X7 will share the same architecture and engine lineup as its recent followers, the BMW X5 and BMW X6 (30d, 35d, 40d, 50d, 50i). Additionally, the X7 will also add a V12 engine (as rumors say), which would be the top of the line powertrain, even if the German based carmaker stopped using equipping its fleet with engines that exceed the V8 configuration (4.4-liter engines).


ENGINES: 30d, 35d, 35i, 40d, 50d, 50i. V6 and V8, petrol and diesel engines.

Moving inside, the 2017 X7 will feature the best cabins ever built by BMW, with the most luxurious materials and the latest technological advancements that also equip the 7 Series or the BMW X6.

PRICE: Base-Price around $90.000.

COMPETITORS: Mercedes GL Class, Infiniti QX80, Cadillac Escallade.

RELEASE DATE: Late 2017 or early 2018.


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7 years ago

I actually really like how the grill looks. It seems… sophisticated. It’s nice.

Town Garage
Town Garage
7 years ago

I think this will be interesting to find out how the handling compares to the X6. Does anyone know if there is anything else different apart from the v12 engine?

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