BMW`s New 3- and 4-Cylinder Engines Will Be Built at the Hams Hall Facility, UK

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The German based carmaker has recently opened a new prodction line at the Hams Hall Facility, Birmingham, UK, for its all-new three- and four-cylinder engines that will equip a lot of models within the Group.

The entire facility along with the new production line is part of the carmaker`s investment plan of 750 million GBP, which covers up the entire BMW facilities existing throughout the UK. The state-of-the-art plant will facilitate the production of the new engines.

Markus Fallboehmer, BMW`s Plant Director, has stated in a press release that “the transformation in our plant has been huge. Over the last few years we have completely re-developed our two main production areas and installed over 600 brand-new pieces of equipment and machinery.”

The BMW Hams Hall plant will built the three- and four-cylinder engines for some of the Group`s models, like the new BMW 7-Series or the next-gen MINI Clubman, continuing the production of the three-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo 1.5-liter petrol unit started last year, which equips the BMW i8.

The BMW Hams Hall facility is a major one in Europe and stands along other BMW plants from Germany and Austria, all of them producing the new three-, four-, six-cylinder petrol burners and diesels.


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8 years ago

Congrats to Hams Hall! They must have done something right!

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