The Authoritative BMW X7 Armored SUV from INKAS

It is not unusual for large-sized SUVs to be converted into armored vehicles. They are used by businessmen, presidents, and all kinds of powerful individuals for a very good reason. Simply put, an SUV is a complete package, with immense power, size, and practicality that define its presence. Such features are difficult to find in any other vehicle, and INKAS thinks the same.

The Canadian Armor company regularly fortifies Land Cruisers and Cadillac Escalades, the type of SUVs that influential people usually love and favor. INKAS does all that and more, which is a testament to their wide range of operations. The BMW X7 is their latest project – a vehicle that deserves nothing but the best-armored treatment.


The large SUV has a CEN BR6 armor rating, and even though a ton of armor has gone into the SUV’s body, INKAS had made the conversion work without sacrificing the ride quality and passenger comfort. The body panels and doors are fitted with a bulletproof Kevlar material to maximize protection, while the cargo space has been cut down to make way for a large shield. The tires are understandably puncture-proof.

The armor doesn’t affect the luxury aspect of the premium BMW X7 SUV, as the INKAS X7 has the same tinge of leisure as any regular X7. You can’t feel the difference, thanks to the upgraded suspension setup. If all that is not enough, you can choose the amount of armor you’d like in your vehicle. Therefore, a lightweight model is an option, while a fully-loaded variant is also available. The top variant is armed to the teeth with better tires, heavy-duty brakes, emergency lights, sirens, intercom system, and more.


If you want a piece of this remarkable SUV, INKAS builds the armored X7 on demand. Therefore, we can’t put a price tag on the BMW SUV, but expect it to be very expensive.    


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