BMW X7 – Aggressive Body Look, Tuning By Lumma Design

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Privileged SUV shoppers, are you looking for something aggressive? You have it with BMW X7, addressing your Pain with Lumma design. The german-based company announced last year CLR X7 and now is ready for sales.

Lumma’s body has undergone aesthetic changes and the SUV automaker from Bavaria has offered imposing looks to BMW X7. Now you can see the Lumma Design with an aggressive body kit. The Russian tuner has given this luxury SUV a menacing look. He has done it tactfully by adding, integrating, and complementing its parts that it offers more of athletic appearance.

The BMW X7 now appears as though it underwent a lot of individualized programming. It is now a luxury SUV with Lumma Design, BMW X7, presenting the first-ever refinement. The muscular striking body styling, wide-body kit, strong power enhancement, elegant wheel designs, and a LUMMA complete refinement program for the SUV BMW model is ready.

Sports elegance characters

Fulfilling high expectations, the Bavarian manufacturer of BMW X7 has concentrated a lot on this luxury SUV aerodynamics and looks. It is redesigned completely by experienced designers. The BMW front is designated to be a ‘Sports Activity Vehicle.’

In conjunction, with the larger air intakes in the front, is a front splitter offering a dynamic feel at the front end. There is the association of the new carbon bonnet offering to the engine cool air supply. The front gets a makeover on the sides by 50 millimeters offering an overall wide-body design that looks commanding and powerful. The LUMMA technicians have reduced the rear axle lift forces by developing aerodynamic components. It includes the rear and roof spoilers manufacturers using visible carbon fiber. The overall impressive appearance receives an integrated diffuser as a new rear apron, completing the opulent look of the posh SUV.

Alloy wheels

Visually and technically, the combination of the wheel-tire matches this affluent car with a widened body and increased power. The dimensions of LUMMA features alloy wheels on the front axle with 10 x 24 inches, and on the rear axle with 13 x 24 inches offering excellent load stability and capacity. The wheels offer ultra-high performance and maximum grip tires. They are impressive in a 23-inch wheel giving a sports wheel designation, making it appropriate for performance spacers.

Club lounge

The BMW X7 interior is designed to give a new transformation to this favored car. You can have a preferred choice as:

• To have a cockpit featuring the flair of motorsport or

• To enjoy a VIP elegant lounge.

The team with LUMMA is proficient to present state-of-the-art technology by creating a combination that harmoniously meets individual tastes. The selective materials, traditional craftsmanship, and assertive design together in the LUMMA CLR X7 presents poised interiors.

Top Performance and Sports Sound

The apron in the rear gratifies the sports exhaust system with its stainless steel 4 x 100 mm tailpipes. The X7 newly refined showers benefits of faster acceleration owing to the power boost specifically developed for the X7 engine. It confirms offering 250km/h and aims to generate 680 hp / 500 kW output. The output is certain as it offers the new exhaust system in combination with electronic optimization.



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