BMW M5 Looks Hot on Strasse Wheels

I am a real BMW petrol head but whenever I see a hot and fully tuned model I get freaked and adrenaline starts to kick in. But this BMW M5 fully packed with the exotic Sakhir Orange paint and the one-off Strasse wheels has made my day.

This exotic BMW M5 has been spotted in Miami and it is wearing the rare Sakhir Orange body wrap, which looks fantastic with the 21-inch Strasse wheels, all finished in gloss black, which make it look more aggressive on the streets.

Apart the paint and the new set of wheels, this BMW M5 has also received some goodies, like the carbon fiber front lip and rear diffuser, black front and side grills carried over the famous iND Distribution tuner and a few more with that.

Under the hood, we have reasons to believe that this Sakhir Orange BMW M5 has also received some power upgrades, the model now managing 710 horsepower, all squeezed from the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine.

There are also some power goodies that make it so powerful, way too powerful than the stock M5, like the new ASR Engineering intake system, the methanol injection system, as well as a new custom race exhaust system.


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8 years ago

Oh man, those rims look incredible!

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