BMW 8-Series Coupe Rendering

BMW 8-Series Rendering Launched Online

Everybody has its own interpretation of how the recently unveiled BMW 7-Series would look like in different renderings, shaping it and giving it a certain luxurious feel or a coupe body style with sporty features.

It is also the case of the so called “8-Series Coupe” rendering signed by the X-Tomi Design who came out with its own idea of a sporty 7-Series coupe, matching the Mercedes-Benz S-Class`s Coupe. And this would come as a hidden wish of having a 7-Series Coupe that would match the same segment from Mercedes-Benz.

BMW 8-Series Coupe Rendering
BMW 8-Series Coupe Rendering

Surely, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe has no competitor at this time, especially from BMW, and a two-door 7-Series might be the best solution. However, we have no idea if BMW would choose this coupe-style body, with a flatter roof or updated headlights to create a model for the S-Class Coupe.

But who knows exactly what the Bavarian carmaker has in mind with the 7-Series? After all, it is huge, it comes with an evolutionary and bold design that can be easily transformed into a two-door version! Meanwhile, enjoy the 7-Series Coupe / 8-Series Coupe rendering!


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6 years ago

Any X series Coupe?
Z5 M ??

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