F15 BMW X5 on Vossen Wheels

F15 BMW X5 Sitting on Vossen Wheels

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Have you noticed the trend today concerning different upgrading programs for different BMW models? If you kinda followed this meticulous process, the tuning companies were first encouraged to upgrade the gorgeous BMW M3 and BMW M4 and after, a lot more BMWs started to enter their gates.

End since the tuning programs could not be completed without a set of newly customized wheels, the guys from the wheeling industry decided to push up their luck and take a piece of the pie. Surely, these particular tuning companies have also managed to come up with their own body upgrade kit, that would naturally fit their wheels.

F15 BMW X5 on Vossen Wheels
F15 BMW X5 on Vossen Wheels

But enough talking, let`s praise this F15 BMW X5 all wrapped in the gorgeous Alpine White, which apart from some body style upgrades, have also received some special wheels from the Vossen Wheels tuning company. I am talking here about the Vossen VFS1 wheels all finished up in the Matte Graphite, which are the latest edition in the lightweight wheel business.

F15 BMW X5 on Vossen Wheels
F15 BMW X5 on Vossen Wheels

The lightweight properties of the Vossen VFS1 wheels are provided by the flow forming which allows the modification of the wheels, to provide better stance and extraordinary fitting, while also complementing the overall body language design. Enjoy the photos with the F15 BMW X5 by Vossen Wheels!


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Valentina Catini
Valentina Catini
9 years ago

I love this BMW blog, thanks for sharing it with us!

5 years ago

I wont wheels for bmw x5 e 70 20 inch vosen

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