2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan

2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Officially Announced for Chinese Market As Well

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After being caught on shots at Nurburgring in some heavy tests or caught in China by, with the model wearing fake body panels and vinyl tape, the 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan is ending up in our news again, with a serious question concerning the manufacturing of the model for the Chinese market as well.

Surely, we already know that the German based carmaker was preparing a longer wheelbase for the Chinese market, which would fill the gap between the 1-Series hatch and the F30 3-Series Sedan, and according to a recent interview with Shawn Ticehurst, the chief at BMW Market Planning, the rumors were confirmed concerning the building of the 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan exclusively in China.

2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan
2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan

Apart China, the upcoming BMW 1-Series will also arrive in the US in 2017, where will be first manufactured under the NES (New Entry-Level Sedan) name, which will be also seen on other BMW models, like the fresh 2-Series Active Tourer or the future X1. The US will receive two versions, the 120i and the 125i, and will directly rival the Mercedes-Benz CLA as well as the new Audi A3 Sedan.

Under the hood of the new 2017 1-Series Sedan, BMW has decided to fit the model with an interesting array of engines, starting with the three-cylinder, as well as the four-cylinder inline direct-injection petrol units. The diesels will receive the common-rail technology. The model will also have a front-wheel drive layout, while the four-wheel drive configuration will also emerge.

The 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan will come with some updated features in terms of visuals, as the model will now loos sleeker with its new headlights, while the nose received the same usual air intakes. At the rear, the new 1-Series will also be also fitted with the L-shaped taillights. Overall, the model will come in the same size with the E46 3-Series.


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