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BMW S1 M5 by Dinan

The BMW M5 model has been recently upgraded by the famous Dinan tuning company, with the founder Steve Dinan himself to explain his passion about BMW and about his latest project, called the BMW S1 M5.

The BMW S1 M5 project involves some heavy modifications carried out by Dinan at the sports car`s performance, talking here about 675 horsepower and 644 kb-ft of torque.

BMW S1 M5 by Dinan

BMW S1 M5 by Dinan

As Steve Dinan explains, the power boost is totally achieved due to the performance parts installed by the tuning company, meaning a carbon fiber cold air intake, free flow exhaust system, as well as the new DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner, which helps the engine output such a huge power.

More than that, the power boost is also given by the negative camber front control arms, along with lightweight tubular Anti-Roll bars and the High Performance Adjustable Coil-over System that provides the M5 with a decreased body roll and more aggressive stance.


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