BMW 220d Coupe

BMW 220d Coupe Powered by New Engine

The BMW German based automaker is on a constant upgradable process with its models, with the 220d Coupe version also to receive a significant change in power.

The BMW 220d Coupe has received some important powertrain upgrades, dropping the 2.0-liter diesel unit and receiving a fresh new and more powerful engine.

BMW 220d Coupe
BMW 220d Coupe

The new engine is said to come with better thermodynamic, solenoid injectors on the direct injection system, capable of operating at 2,000 bars, as the engine is now lighter with 2 kg.

The new engine introduced on the 220d Coupe sports 190 horsepower, which is 6 horsepower and 20 Nm of torque more than the previous version.

This ensures the model to come with less CO2 emissions, of just 12 g/km in comparison to the older unit, while the powertrain is now burning 0.4 liters of fuel less.

Depending on the rims and the tires that you might choose for your BMW 220d Coupe, the sports car might burn between 4.1L and 4.4L for every 100 km, when hooked to the 6-speed manual transmission.

The automatic transmission would make your BMW 220d Coupe burn less, meaning between 3.8 liters and 4.1 liters.

Prices for the upgraded BMW 220d Coupe have not been yet announced.


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