G-Power BMW X5 M

BMW X5 M with G-Power tune spotted in Geneva

As far as tuners go, G-Power is not one that is specifically know for great body kits or luxurious interior design.

But they are known for one thing above all, and taking from the name of the company, it’s easy to guess what that is.

G-Power BMW X5 M
G-Power BMW X5 M

Recently, a creation of theirs was spotted on the streets of Geneva, and the spotter wasted no time in snapping a few quick pictures. As luck would have it, he also decided to upload them so we can all enjoy this nice BMW X5 M. The aesthetic improvements are pretty much the standard, with only a few pieces breaking the norm.

G-Power BMW X5 M
G-Power BMW X5 M

The BMW X5 M prepped by G-Power wears new panels all around, with a front bumper sporting massive air intakes, side skirts, wheel arches, rear diffuser, underbody cover and roof spoiler. Nothing special. Unfortunately, the pictures do not reveal the real treasure with this build. Normally, the BMW X5 M would develop some 555 Hp and 680 Nm of torque, pretty impressive number on their own. Well, after the G-Power tune, the monster now develops 725 Hp and 890 Nm of torque. Yeah.


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