The Brand-New BMW X5 Has Been Tested with Bullets

The range of modifications of the latest generation of BMW X5 replenished with a new version. Two weeks ago, BMW developers introduced the armored version of the X5 SUV. According to the brand, it can withstand Kalashnikov shots Kalashnikov. The company decided to confirm their words with actions. The car, eventually, was hit by bullets, and the result was shared on the Web.

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Successful challenge of the new vehicle

The armored BMW X5 model took over about 300 shots. Obviously, the test was a success since the bullets left insignificant dents on the body and a couple of cracks in the glass. However, there were no internal damages. Given regards to the armor of , it protects the interior not only from the gunshot but also can withstand the explosion of a grenade.

Advanced protection

The feeling of security is vital. What comes to your mind first when you think about safety? You might say home, but now thanks to the BMW X5, a similar sense of calm and safety will accompany you even on the road. Its innovative design is able to protect five passengers and their luggage from any assault. Let us take a closer look at the car features:

· Salon – The BMW X5 can impress anyone since every detail corresponds to the highest level of elegance and solidity. Flexibility and premium materials characterize its spacious interior, and the appearance strikingly combines class and sports features.

· Protection – The goal of combining inspired the BMW engineers to develop a unique solution. That is, the particular combination of materials meet the most stringent safety requirements and are incredibly light. This feature is especially important because dynamic performance and maneuverability take an equally important place in ensuring the safety of passengers, as well as armor.

· Space – In the BMW X5 salon, you will be accompanied not only by a sense of protection but also a feeling of freedom. Its interior sets new standards for spaciousness.

The car itself is equipped with conventional springs instead of air suspension for greater reliability. It also applies to tires that allow you to continue driving after tire puncture and a ‘self-tightening’ fuel tank. The glass thickness of the car is 33 millimeters.

The armored BMW X5 can contain four passengers. Looking at the available options of the model, it practically does not differ from the usual modification. Nevertheless, there is also specific equipment. For example, you can order built-in flagpoles or flashing lights. However, the standard speakerphone system and electric driver’s door glass remain the same.

The brand did not announce the price of the new car. But the target audience is expected to be from South America, Africa, and Russia.

In the world car market, protected vehicles, which do not look different from usual models, are in high demand. That is why almost every massive company has in its collection armored versions of cars. Now, the BMW X5 is among them and ready to serve its clients.


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