Crystal White BMW i8

BMW i8 wearing Crystal White caught on camera

It is now clear to everyone that the BMW i8 sportscar will be a success, as orders are already several times larger than the car maker can supply.

Simply put, a car that has a wait list of several months is a car noteworthy, and anyone lucky enough to grab one will probably really enjoy it.

Crystal White BMW i8
Crystal White BMW i8

For the rest of us that will probably never get the chance to ride in a BMW i8, the media will have to suffice. But one thing bugged me ever since the BMW i8 was announced. Apart from the Protonic Blue paint job, we just didn’t see any other color on the i8.

Crystal White BMW i8
Crystal White BMW i8

One reason might be the fact that the hybrid sportscar is only available in four colors: Protonic Blue, Crystal White, Ionic Silver, and Sophisto Grey. This one is wearing the Crystal White coat and the photographer managed to snap these pictures in Germany.

Photo credit: Auto gespot


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