BMW i3 Electric

BMW Foresees Big Future with Its Green Cars

BMW is on a big role with its i green cars and thinks that the cards are in its hands, with no important competitors to face, not even from Tesla Motors.

We are talking about the major advantages that the German base luxury car manufacturer has with two of the most important units: the i green 3 car and the i8 hybrid.

BMW i3 Electric
BMW i3 Electric

Senior vice president for the BMW`s product management at, Hildegard Wortmann, states that electricity is a very important part of our lives and has to be taken as it is.

The same happens to electric cars that have really begun to take their share on this particularly market.

BMW i3 Electric
BMW i3 Electric

More than that, the BMW`s main aim is to learn more and be consequent in terms of electricity. Its sole purpose is not only launching i cars, but understand the principle and taking advantage of this kind of power.

BMW i3 Electric
BMW i3 Electric

Thus, the BMW team will take this newly enhanced knowledge about electricity and use it wisely in developing more advanced green cars than the already successful i3 fully electric.

BMW i3 Electric
BMW i3 Electric

We will slowly but surely see BMW coming up with more solutions on how to keep their quest on the green market, coming up with other revolutionary products in that field.


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