2014 BMW M235i

BMW Sub-M Performance Model for Younger Customers

The M cars from BMW are well-known for their high-performance features in the entire world. But the prices that the German luxury automaker are asking for, are not always suit for every pocket, especially when it is aimed towards the young people segment.

The segment is on a constant change, with more and more young people trying to buy the car, but unfortunately they would have to pay a lot to own such a “beauty and the beast” into their own garage.

2014 BMW M235i
2014 BMW M235i

This is why BMW is just about to launch the M Performance Automobiles sub-brand, which is something between the base model and the full M Package version.

The M Performance Automobiles is set to find that young buyer “who will be brand ambassadors and appeal to the real enthusiasts that we have,” as Oliver Ganser, product strategy manager at BMW in North America, mentions.

2014 BMW M235i
2014 BMW M235i

The new MPAs versions will sport average boost in power and handling and it will be handy to all young people that want an averaged-power model.

2014 BMW M235i
2014 BMW M235i

We are talking about the MPA model coming to the US, namely the M235i, which will be launched in March, with the steep price of $44,000.


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