2014 Mini Cooper

Vehicle-Dependability Presumed to Affect BMW`s Mini Cooper

It is said that cars with small engines lead to improve fuel economy, but on the other hand, the process itself lead to a serious of problems that might affect the overall car`s engineering.

It is actually the synopsis of a J.D. Power vehicle-dependability study, leading to a serious of statements saying that dependability has severely dropped for the first time in 16 years.

2014 Mini Cooper
2014 Mini Cooper

Vehicles to be affected by this phenomenon are less reliable because of the proliferation of their four-cylinder engines.

The problems concern a number of vehicle starting with the 2011 model-year with a rousing of six percent from the year-earlier figures.

2014 Mini Cooper
2014 Mini Cooper

The issues are associated with engine hesitation, rough transmission shifting and also lack of power, all subjected to the engines` efforts of struggling for a better fuel economy.

2014 Mini Cooper
2014 Mini Cooper

Among the brands of the car, the BMW`s Mini sub-brand was the least reliable, with 185 problems per 100 vehicles for the last year. Then follows the Toyota`s Lexus with 68 problems per 100 vehicles.

The second place is won by Mercedes-Benz with an overall of 133 problems.


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