BMW 4 Series Visualizer

BMW 4 Series visualizer goes live.

These past week or two have brought many news and bits of information on BMW’s new model, the 4 Series.

Set to replace the 3 Series coupe, this new Bimmer is not just a revamped version of its predecessor, but a new car altogether. This will help BMW better differentiate the vehicle lineup.

BMW 4 Series Visualizer
BMW 4 Series Visualizer

The latest piece of news regarding the 4 Series points us toward BMW’s site. There is where we can find a visualizer for the car, and we can spend some time choosing details for your perfect 4 Series. You have several different paint colors and wheels choices for the exterior.

BMW 4 Series Visualizer
BMW 4 Series Visualizer

For the interior you have some choices of materials for the upholstery and the trims, with not that much to actually choose from. For both interior and exterior, the visualizer presents the BMW 4 Series in a 360 degrees rotating model, for a better perspective on your options. And while talking about it might seem fun, we invite you to visit BMW’s site and fiddle with the visualizer on your own.


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