2014 F15 BMW X5

2014 F15 BMW X5 Official Photos

Some time ago we have published an article about the new 2014 BMW X5 (2014 F15 BMW X5 Spy Photos) that was spied many times on the streets and here we have the first official photos of the 2014 F15 BMW X5.

Unfortunately these photos have low quality but we are sure that those show the true face of the third generation BMW X5.

2014 F15 BMW X5
2014 F15 BMW X5

The 2014 BMW X5, namely the 3rd generation X5 codenamed F15 did not hesitate to make its appearance throughout the Internet and in pictures you can see the innovative design of the new most awaited SUV from BMW, 2014 BMW X5.

We are very happy to finally have better impressions on the exterior design, it borrows aspects of the new BMW 4 Series Coupe.

These images first appeared on the official Facebook Page of the Diecast Empire in a brochure form and in these images we can see only the exterior of the car and not the interior.

2014 F15 BMW X5
2014 F15 BMW X5

As technical specifications we do not have many details but we can mention some engine options:

– DIESEL: 30d (245hp), 35d (306hp), 50d (384hp);
– PETROL: 50i (407hp);

The new F15 X5M version will have an engine capacity of 4.4 liter (V8) and an output of 555 horsepower, the engine from the actual BMW X5M.

We hope that in the coming days to have new images of 2014 F15 BMW X5 and look forward to its official release.


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