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1992 E30 BMW 325i Cabrio up for sale in great condition

Well, here’s a conundrum for the genuine BMW enthusiast. An E30 BMW 325i Cabrio is up for sale on the second hand market at a stunning price.

The stun isn’t the sort which would be generated by a supermodel stripping naked but the kind one gets in video games.

1993 E30 BMW 325i Cabrio

1993 E30 BMW 325i Cabrio

It really does stop you in your tracks and leaves you unable to do anything since this 21 year old car is valued, by the owner, at 42.900 USD.

The asking price is about the same BMW charge for an F30 3 Series which is powered by a 3.0 liter engine with quite a lot more toys inside.

Naturally, that’s something a bit over simplified since old cars have their own charm. Especially, the E30, a car that’s renown for its driving prowess.

1993 E30 BMW 325i Cabrio

1993 E30 BMW 325i Cabrio

This ludicrous price is justified by the fact that this car is basically in pristine condition. It only has 237 miles on the clock and has spent nearly all of its life under covers.

Aside from the painstaking attention to storing it, the car here was taken care of. All the fluids have been replaced everything was checked and the car just passed Arizona’s emissions test.

The interior is also in perfect condition with all the bits being perfectly restored or kept original and even features some bits that are nearly impossible to get a hold of these days.

1993 E30 BMW 325i Cabrio

1993 E30 BMW 325i Cabrio

With a bit of a stretch, you could call this a collectible. You could also call it a crazy purchase, without too much of a stretch.

Who knows, maybe some enthusiast cruising eBay will find his car interesting.


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